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Dear Patients,

Coronavirus is a concern to all of us. One of the most vital things you can do for you and your family to avoid contracting the virus is keeping the immune system at its absolute strongest. While it may not seem an opportune time to visit us, it is.

An unhealthy mouth hinders the immune system. If your mouth is not healthy, chances are that your gums are inflamed and the good bacteria that defends against germs is reduced. Additionally, inflammation of the gums allows bacteria to easily enter the blood stream and increase C-reactive protein (CRP). A high level of CRP has been found to increase inflammation throughout the body.

Patients that visit us are more germ conscious now than ever before and understandably so. We are taking excessive precautions to address these concerns and assuring you our office is disinfected and sterile. We also allow only a maximum of 3 patients to be treated at a time so there are no more than 3 patients in the office at any given moment and they are in 3 separate areas. Here’s our assurances to you:

To keep our instruments clean:

Instruments are scrubbed and wiped manually then placed in an ultrasonic enzyme bath. They are rinsed and put into a special autoclave, which is a high-temperature steam oven that eradicates and kills every pathogen. Indicators alert us when the equipment is 100% sterile.

We have testing conducted by a third-party licensed organization. This is the gold standard way to make absolutely sure the equipment is sterile. We use this method to ensure our office is up to the highest standards patients expect and deserve. This test requires sending the equipment samples to a third-party laboratory where it undergoes extreme heat and pressure tests for cleanliness. Once the testing is complete, we receive confirmation.

To keep our instruments clean:

  • Wipe all door handles, surfaces, counter-tops every 60 minutes with medical grade sanitizers.
  • Use Cavicide medical grade sanitizing cleaner on all surfaces.
  • Disinfect and sterilize all items in the room before and after every patient.
  • Place hand sanitizer dispensers for staff and patients throughout our office.
  • Place single-use barriers on all high contact surfaces in rooms and replace them after each patient.
  • Do not open sterile instruments until the patient is in the room.

Clean hands and open hearts.

Our office will be using extra precautions during the Coronavirus outbreak

A dental office is one of the cleanest places to be, as we always use universal precautions and complete infection control procedures.

  • Screening patients and employees before they come in
  • Touch-less infrared thermometers to check body temperatures
  • All common areas are wiped with disinfectants every hour on the hour
  • All common area doors are being left open to avoid touching door handles
  • Suspending beverage service
  • No crowding in the reception room
  • Curbside wait – if you prefer to wait in your car till your treatment room is ready, our staff will come and get you

What’s worse than this virus is having a dental emergency during this time, which is why we are committed to everyone’s safety and health

We will remain open and continue helping people.

Hours may vary temporarily due to the COVID-19 crisis, please call us to find out more.


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