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Four Factors that Influence the Cost of Invisalign

Invisalign is a globally recognized orthodontic treatment consisting of a series of transparent trays. Millions of people have taken advantage of this teeth-straightening system and boast about the discreet aesthetics, increased comfort level, and freedom to take them off as needed.

How much does Invisalign cost?

Although clear aligner treatments typically cost between $3,000 and $5,000, your costs could be lower or higher based on your one-of-a-kind treatment plan and other circumstances. What you pay for out-of-pocket is based on numerous factors, and here are four factors that influence the final, overall cost:

Case Complexity

Over the decades, Invisalign has evolved to handle most cases of teeth and jaw misalignment. Today, dentists work with attachments to facilitate more dramatic and complex teeth movements.

However, more complex cases require more:

  • Supplies for attachments
  • Trays
  • Chair time

These expenses add up and may contribute to a higher, comprehensive price tag.

Dentist Experience

Each time a dentist performs Invisalign treatment, they earn points in the system. As dentists complete more and more treatments over time, they advance into higher provider tiers. Invisalign providers in the highest tiers receive significant discounts on lab fees. When highly experienced dentists receive substantial discounts (as much as 40% or more), they typically have two options:

  • Option 1: Pass along discounted rates with their patients.
  • Option 2: Charge more than dentists that do not have much experience.

If you are dead set on starting Invisalign treatment but cannot afford your general dentist, it may be worth shopping for the best deals around your area.


After scanning the teeth, our software creates a before and after simulation that carefully maps out each treatment step. When patients wear their clear aligner trays as prescribed, treatment usually goes according to plan. Frequent evaluation via office visits every few weeks helps patients and dentists stay on track.

Unfortunately, sometimes, there is a snag in the plan. Are your teeth moving slower than expected? Do they simply not look like the original treatment plan? Are you wearing your trays for less than 20 hours per day? If any of these scenarios apply to you, the dentist will suggest refinement (new trays to realign your smile goals so that you are on track). Refinements for patients on Invisalign’s full treatment plan often don’t cost extra but speak with your provider to verify.

Geographic Location

Simply put, some places are more expensive to conduct business. As a general rule, rural dentistry is generally less expensive than dentistry in urban and suburban areas. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect to pay In New Mexico:

  • Urban areas: $4,500-$6,000
  • Suburban areas: $5,000-$6,500
  • Rural areas: $4,000-$6,000

It’s important to note that the figures provided are estimated healthcare costs for Invisalign treatment. Each practice sets its own prices for total treatment cost. If these rates are not realistic for your budget, consider the following:

  • Does your dental insurance cover Invisalign treatment?
  • Do you have access to flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts?
  • Does your practice offer monthly payment plans?

Schedule a Consultation for Invisalign in Rio Rancho, NM

Generally speaking, the price of Invisalign is comparable to the cost of traditional braces. However, multiple factors work together to determine the final price of both treatments.

If you can’t decide between clear aligner treatment and traditional metal braces, book a consultation with one of our dentists. Dr. Yoon and Dr. Antani can help you decide which orthodontic treatment is optimal for your case. Call (505) 994-9693 or contact us online to set up an appointment at Rio Rancho Smiles Family Dental.


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